Editorial Guidelines


  • The aim is to dive in your inspiration, focusing on our categories.

Length and format:

  • The minimum words are 1250, and maximum words are 2500.
  • Many critical articles are an average of 2000 words
  • Gender Ink uses AP Style.
  • Any sources should be hyperlinked directly in the texts.


  • We accept contribution on an ongoing basis. Material submitted with be published 14 days after submission.


Bios/Agency Photos:

  • Photos and bios will appear below each published material. Submit your bio approximately 80 words and your profile photo.
  • Jpeg or png photo format are recommended.

Editorial Photos:

  • You are requested to submit at least 3-5 Editorial photos.
  • One will be used as a featured image, and the rest will be distributed throughout the article.

Social Media Coordination:

  • We expect mutual social media coordination
  • Gender Ink will regularly post material on Facebook and Twitter. Please follow and engage once your article is published.